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The corporate car ordering process has never been this easy

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Set up your ordering process

Select the ordering method that fits your organisation and let employees select from a fixed vehicle list or a free choice within their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) budget

Ordering methodologies

For list-based methods, compose car lists from configured cars for your employees to choose from

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Select your dealerships or lease suppliers and manage contacts, brands and lease service packs per lease provider


Search, compare and select

Based on up-to-date pricing information, employees can browse vehicles available in their budget or vehicle list, and review parameters such as benefit in kind or required personal contribution

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Employees can either configure cars in the Headlight car configurator or upload a quote from a dealer

Configure multiple cars, or upload multiple dealer quotes and compare options


Request quotes and validate

Multi-leaser setup by design: automatic lease quote requests from configured supplier(s) for chosen vehicles

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Fully automated processing of requested quotes, summary of bidding results

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Admin overviews for quotes and orders within the organisation


Compare and select supplier in a multi-supplier setting

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Approve quote and order

Headlight automatically proposes quote with best offer, and manual confirmation selects final quote

Fully digital approval cycle, requiring sign-off from the configured stakeholders, such as HR or Fleet Manager

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Selected supplier is notified of signed copy of the lease quote

Key features

Headlight ordering module


Save costs

Multi-supplier by design: realize cost-savings through multi-bidding each order, with full visibility of all quotes.


Save efforts

Let Headlight do the legwork for you. Automatic request and processing of lease quotes, easy to compare.


Stay digital

Custom and fully digital built-in process and approval cycles