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Your digital HQ for managing your corporate mobility processes

Organising corporate mobility start here. See why leading companies use Headlight to provide a seamless corporate mobility experience for all stakeholders
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An always up-to-date policy

Full transparency on which key (EV) car models are within each level given price updates from suppliers

A digital twin of your car policy: adjust, simulate and publish new versions of the car policy, fully digital

Let employees browse available car models and view required contribution or benefit in kind

Learn more on the budget configurator

Ordering process

Less hassle with a digital flow

Save time on communication via a seamless ordering experience: from notifying the employee to order to the digital approval of the lease quote

Save time on manual tasks via automatic processing of lease quotes and summarizing multi-bid results

Have a clear admin overview on orders, quotes, required actions and more

Learn more on the ordering module


All the reports in one place

Verify if how your fleet is doing compared to your strategic targets

Easily report to C-level or other stakeholders

Review workload on upcoming orders via the replacement cycle analysis

Learn more on the monitoring module


Automate manual tasks

​Headlight Workflows allow users to build custom processes that can be triggered, executed, and analysed. ​

Typical use cases: budget activation, insurance claims, car policy signing, approval flows, and more

View default process dashboards, such as lead time and status, or choose your own visualizations based on workflow parameters​

Learn more on Headlight Workflows

User experience

Conversational fleet management

Headlight has a built-in messaging and notification system. Let employees get notified and ask questions in-app

Let Headlight automatically answer employee questions about the car policy, processes and general fleet content, such as benefit in kind, via chatting with Lucy, our Digital Assistant. As such, the employee doesn't have to read through the policy, and the fleet managers can spend its time on strategic work

Still getting questions by employees? The digital assistant Lucy can propose an answer. Review, redact, and send: valuable time is saved searching for answers and typing the message.

Learn more about Lucy, your Headlight Assistant