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Meet Lucy, your digital fleet assistant

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Set up your Knowledge Base

Digitize your fleet and mobility policy documents in clear and retrievable clauses. One single version of the truth, no pdf version management.

Leverage the Headlight database with, for instance, information about benefit in kind, so that employees can ask general questions

Add recurring user questions to the FAQ, further allowing the assistant to relieve your mailbox

Integrated Headlight and user contexts, such as policy configurator and workflows

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Save time

Let Lucy answer the questions

For all questions related to the company car policy and fleet processes, employees can ask their questions directly to Lucy.

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Conversational fleet management that leverages latest developments in large language models (GPT-4 & AI), enhanced with your firm-specific database

Lucy helps fleet managers save time and effort by suggesting answers on employee questions received in their own user account

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The "Search Light" feature shows the user the relevant policy clause to their question, before they hit enter . This prevents unnecessary communication.

Incrementally add user questions to the FAQ, ensuring continuous improvement in the assistant's responses


Mailbox integrations

Sync incoming driver questions: all driver communication in one place, automatically linked to the employee

Process incoming driver questions: generate a response to the driver question, ready for edit and/or approval

Workflow triggers: during processing, Lucy can trigger a process if certain e-mails require a set of steps!


Workflow support

Describe your process step, and Lucy helps you in the configuration of the workflow component!

Let Lucy help you draft form questions, write messages including references, configure reminders and notifications, and many more!

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Key features

Headlight Assistant


Save time

Lucy will do the legwork and avoids spending valuable time answering common and repetitive questions.


Employee satisfaction

No more browsing long car policy documents or instruction manuals: ask Lucy in a conversational manner and get the answers you seek.


Integrated functionalities

Updated your car policy levels in the configurator? Your documents are updated, and Lucy already knows the answer to all the questions about it.