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One place for seamlessly managing your corporate
fleet processes

Organise your corporate fleet from one place in a transparent, automated and integrated way.

Learn what sets Headlight apart

Easy to use, transparent and customizable to your needs. It’s no wonder Headlight is the choice for managing and automating your corporate fleet processes.

All your fleet data in one place

With Headlight, your fleet and driver data is uniformly consolidated, across lease suppliers.

A platform to help you do more

Initiate and manage fleet processes, with integrated communication to all relevant stakeholders

Creating transparency

A clear view on fleet costs, orders, car policy offering, electrification progress, and many more.

Stay up-to-date

Respond to changes or price fluctuations in the fast-changing industry by updating your policy.

How Headlight works

Manage your fleet processes transparently and seamlessly – and skip the manual hassle while saving costs

Configure your policy

Create your digital policy and seamlessly create transparency: which cars are in which budget? Simulate the car offering under different budget conditions and update budget levels accordingly.

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Let employees explore, select, compare and order cars.

Let employees select, configure and compare cars, with full transparency about the budget cost, the remaining budget or required contribution, benefit in kind, and more. Order at competitive prices via multi-supplier set-ups.
Intuitive admin interface for digital approval flow or overviews of quotes and orders.

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Manage in-life vehicle processes

Automate and digitise key tasks and spend more time on strategic business decisions. Configure, initiate and manage in-life vehicle processes, such as insurance claims, tyre changes and more.

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Monitor fleet metrics and policy compliance

Monitor and report on fleet costs, fleet processes, emissions, suppliers and policy compliance. Indispensable overviews for the fleet & mobility manager to evaluate the mobility practice. Seamlessly up to date.

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Key benefits

Working with Headlight pays off


Cost savings

From our customers, we see that tendering suppliers and order through multi-bidding saves up to 8% in costs.


FTE time savings

Reduce the amount of communication and manual tasks through transparent employee interfaces, automation of processes and digitizing workflows


Policy compliance

Standardized and transparent processes make sure that car orders happen in compliance with budget and policy

Headlight features

Manage your fleet, seamlessly

Supplier agnostic

Benefit from uniform processes and reporting, no matter which and how many supplier(s) you choose.

Automate your custom processes

Automate your custom fleet processes with customizable workflows

International or multi-branch set-up

Access to international taxation calculations, and/or multi-branch reporting


Finetune the parameters of your budget calculations to correspond with your organisation characteristics


Integrate with your lease company and payroll data.

Support service

Extensive support materials and live support for onboarding and working with headlight