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Configure, trigger and manage your fleet processes - all from one place

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Set up your fleet processes

Digitize your fleet-related process by configuring them from scratch, or by choosing from our Headlight templates

Get a visual overview of who can trigger the process, and the different actions, conditions and process steps within your workflow

Use workflows from industry peers, and share your own workflows with others


Trigger, complete and manage workflows

For all processes eligible, employees can trigger a processes, and review when input from their side is required

Overview screen for employees to list, filter and review all their ongoing processes, with access to all processes for the mobility teams

Summary of all workflows that are awaiting input from the logged-in employee


Know your processes

Process analysis: gain insights in process lead times and hold suppliers accountable

Learn more on procurement benefits

Dashboards to report on process variables and output

Configure your own dashboard tiles and extract all the insights you need


Forget about parallel e-mail chains

Get notifications when input is required, or when your processes have finished

Ask questions or clarifications in-app, via the Headlight communication hub, without have to switch to another application.

Of course, you can still get notified via email, when your role does not require you to use Headlight frequently.

Key features

Headlight Workflows


Digital processes

Save time and work more efficient by (re)designing and managing all your fleet processes in one place


Full visibility

Fully customisable processes and reporting dashboards about these processes


Efficient task management

Clear overview of your and employee tasks and fleet processes. Automatic reminders for whatever upcoming event.