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Your car policy, digitized

Configure your car policy levels and simulate your car offering under different budget conditions.

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Benefit budget policies

Configure traditional company car policies.


Personal budget policies

Configure personal car budget policies, such as cafetaria car policies or mobility budget policies.


Lease service packages

Configure lease service packages.


Unbundled services

Configure lease service packages.

How it works

Build and maintain a dynamic car policy

Four important steps to maintain an up-to-date policy


1. Configure

Set up your digital car policy configuration, including budget levels, budget methodology, your unbundled services, service packages and more


2. Analyse, adapt

Review what vehicles are within which budgets, and the impact of altering prices or parameters on the car offering.


3. Go live!

Publish your new car policy and enable employees to order in compliance with your new policy.


4. Repeat

Prices and situations change, and so should your car policy! Keep your policy up-to-date by frequently adjusting your policy if the situation requires it.

Policy configurator

Arrange and analyse your car policy budgets

Dynamically configure and update the digital version of your car policy, and you’re good to go live with your ordering process!

Which vehicles are available within which budgets?

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..impact of budget configurations

Simulate your car offering under different budget conditions, such as budget methodology, levels, annual mileage or contract duration

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..required employee contribution

Analyse the available offering for each employee level in the category analysis module, and review what vehicles are within the allowed personal contribution range.

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..impact of lease price updates

Understand the impact of market lease price updates, or from supplier negotiations

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..supplier price performance

Compare quotes for equivalent car configurations from multiple suppliers in the supplier analysis module

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Knowledge Base

Your dynamic car policy

Easily add, edit or remove car policy clauses in the Headlight Knowledge Base. Have a single version of truth for the company car policy for employees and employers

(Automatically) request digital approval of the new car policy version via Headlight workflows

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Headlight Assistant Lucy will automatically know your updated policy and will correctly answers all employee questions about it

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Key features

Headlight budget configurator


Stay up-to-date

Keep your policy up-to-date with lease quotes that reflect current market situation during your pricing analysis


Endless possibilities

Fully customizable and flexible configurations of your car budgets. Instant recalculation of results. Launch new budgets with confidence!


Easy and intuitive

Visual and tabular representation of results