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Your digital HQ for mobility procurement and finance

Budget overviews and planning start here. See why leading companies use Headlight to obtain cost savings and to plan and track mobility spent.
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Cost control through insights

Verify the impact of alternative available levers to improve car offering within car levels, to keep budget levels increases limited

Analyse the pricing for different suppliers for equivalent cars, prior to negotiations

Identify car models that are within reach of existing budget levels to focus procurement efforts on

Learn more on the budget configurator

Invoice management

Process and analyse, automatically

Create and manage cost centres. These can be used during the ordering process, and als make sure the right invoice amount is linked to the correct ledger

Create rules to allocate invoice lines automatically to cost centres, such as based on employee, legal entity, or the item category

Automatic invoice analysis, such as vehicle count per legal entity


Price competitiveness

Keep suppliers on their toes via multi-bidding each order

Track (historic) supplier performance on bids won/lost for next supplier meetings

Automatic quote and matrix processing, no matter which supplier

Learn more on the ordering module

Monitoring & strategy

Track & plan mobility expenditures

Monitor drift on actual versus contracted kilometers and the recalculation of lease contracts

Review cost split details per employee type, budget, level and more

Historic budget evolutions and projections for budget planning

Learn more on the monitoring module

Automatic reporting

Administration made easy

Let your teams automatically get notified with certain relevant reports, in the format and at the frequency they need

Consolidate reports across different leasing companies, e.g. IFRS16 reporting

Automatically remind suppliers to provide new yearly conditions, e.g. dealer discounts