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Lucy, your digital fleet assistant

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The capabilities of our assistant are expanding rapidly. Want to be the first to know of the latest possibilities, or the first to test them out?

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The capabilities of our assistant are expanding rapidly. Want to be the first to know of the latest possibilities, or the first to test them out?

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Lucy is happy to help you


I help employees with questions about processes, the car policy, or information about their car.

No more searching for, and in, lengthy pdf documents or waiting during asynchronous communication with the fleet manager during office hours only: 24/7 available, and answers on the spot!

Hi Lucy, I lost my fuel card. What should I do?
Hi Lucy, if I return my car with damage, what will it cost me?
Hi Lucy, how does the ordering process work?
When does my lease contract end? When can I order a new car?

Fleet managers

→ Fleet managers receive plenty of employee questions. I help them save tons of time on back-and-forth email communication. Let Lucy answer the questions for you !

→ I help fleet managers stay ahead by gaining insights and completing tasks in a conversational way. All of the fleet knowledge and actions, right at your fingertips. Coming soon!

Receive less questions: employees can ask questions directly to Lucy
Avoid unnecessary questions: The "Search Light" feature shows the user the relevant policy clause to their question, before they hit enter .
Spend less time answering: For private messages to the fleet manager, a suitable response is generated and answered automatically, or proposed and ready for edits/approval.
Make Lucy smarter: add recurring, specific questions to the FAQ, and add new policy clauses to the company Knowledge Base, incrementally improving the assistant's answers.
Mailbox integrations: sync and process incoming e-mails with driver questions and generate a response to the questions via Headlight, and let Lucy trigger a process automatically!
Workflow support: let Lucy help you with creating workflow components for your fleet processes.

Curious to find out what else I can do for you?

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Frequently asked questions about your digital fleet assistant, Lucy

Lucy helps employees 24/7 with all kind of questions about the policy and processes. It saves fleet managers a lot of time and effort on manual coordination via email.

Conversational AI is a subset of artificial intelligence that enables computers to understand and respond to human language. Learn more about it, and its application in fleet management, in our blog.

Lucy works with several data sources to answer user questions. Answers can be based on a firm-specific database, including fleet data and policy documents, as well as on information from integrated Headlight modules, such as Headlight workflows, that consists information and actions on firm-specific processes. In addition, Lucy makes use of a general Headlight knowledge base, including information on e.g. benefit in kind.

For Headlight customers, the use of Headlight is included in their monthly subscription fee, up to a pre-defined number of tokens.