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3 key problem areas in fleet management operations and how Headlight solved them for our customer

3 key problem areas in fleet management operations and how Headlight solved them for our customer - Headlight

In this article, we’ll discuss how Headlight tackled the problems most of our clients face, and illustrate it with one of their operational processes.

Mobility as important remuneration package

The recent Arval Mobility Observatory Barometer shed light on the fleet & mobility initiatives and ambitions of a wide range of companies. HR-related motivations stand out: attracting and retaining talented people has become an essential difficulty for businesses. Indeed, mobility options, and company cars especially, are an important asset in the remuneration package.

As flexibility in the car offering, as well as the number of additional mobility options increases, so does the strategic and operational workload for the fleet & mobility (F&M) manager. However, F&M managers in most cases do not have sufficient resources to manage the additional work. In line with what other F&M managers tell us, one of our Headlight clients had three main problem areas:

  1. High manual coordination and communication effort, despite repetitive tasks: F&M manager must instruct and remind the drivers (and suppliers) manually.
  2. Lack of transparency for control in task management
  3. Missing integration between relevant software and systems

More employee flexibility with less operational overhead: automate up to 90% of operational tasks with Headlight.

In what follows, we will explore how Headlight transformed the way our client managed their corporate fleet: our “workflow” module allowed to fully automate otherwise manual processes.

Consider one of their procedures: the energy card request process. As illustrated below, this process can be initiated either manually by the admin or through another process, such as the ordering process. Headlight gathers all the required information for the request and forwards it to the supplier in an organized manner, simultaneously notifying the driver about the successful request. A few days later, the system checks with the driver about the receipt of the card. If the card hasn’t been received, the supplier is informed automatically. Upon receipt of the card, the system updates the relevant information and alerts the fleet manager of the completion.


energy card Headlight workflow

The automated energy request process via Headlight workflows


While this type of request was a 100% email-based, manual process in the past, it is clear from the example that the F&M manager of our client is now only involved at 2 points: initiating the process and acknowledging its completion. All the rest is taken care of by Headlight. Instead of performing and overseeing 5-7 manual tasks, the F&M manager sees a reduction of 80-90% of manual labor.


Revisiting the problems we listed earlier, our client has gone from the left to the right situation:


Problems before Headlight With Headlight
High manual coordination and communication effort Headlight automates all repetitive and manual tasks via fully configurable workflows: 80-90% reduction of manual efforts
Lack of transparency for control in task management


Intuitive overview of all ongoing and past processes, showing where each process is stalled for how long, with tasks and reminders for each relevant process participant.
Missing integration between relevant software and systems Communication and data with and from all suppliers is consolidated within Headlight



Headlight workflows offer the possibility for companies to configure their own processes into automated sequences, making sure the fleet manager and other stakeholders are only involved at the moments where they can add value: approving or confirmation steps, and providing necessary input. All the rest is taken care of by Headlight: automatic reminders, notifications and task management, and driver and stakeholder communication. In combination with the digital fleet assistant Lucy, covering driver questions about the policy and processes, the fleet manager can now focus on strategic fleet work.

With Headlight, we provide the necessary tools to efficiently and seamlessly organize corporate mobility: from configuring and simulating a new electrification policy, supporting F&M managers with driver communication, and above all, do the heavy lifting of their operational processes. For more information: visit www.headlight.tech.